ADAM TOMS - Rich Man

1. Rowdy Together

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2. Much Like A Man
3. Rich Man
4. Tell Me Now
5. Boots
6. Can't Quit You –
Duet with Chris E Thomas
7. Is Everybody Doin Ok
8. I Wouldn't Change A Thing
9. Rollin
10. Temptation
11. Are We There Yet
12. Shine On Me
Adam Toms - Holding My Breath

''Irrespective of whether he's crooning or rocking out, Toms is master of his game on this sizzling second release. Take a bow son.''

Matt Lawrence (Country Music Capital News)

"With a dynamic stage presence, a voice to die for and songs that fit perfectly in today's modern country market Adam Toms is about to establish himself as a core figure in Country Music."

Troy Kemp (McAlister Kemp)


ADAM TOMS - Holding My Breath

1.  Holding My Breath
Available on iTunes
2.  Too Crazy For Love 
3.  Crying Into Your Pillow
4.  Break Another Man
5.  Fighting For
6.  Sugar Lips
7.  Weddings & Funerals
8.  Cant Convince Me
9.  Time Machine
10. Day In A Life Of
11. You're So Sweet
12. Music Will Never Rest
Adam Toms - Holding My Breath